Paul Wick - Weed District Coordinator
P.O. Box 1312
Choteau, MT 59422
Phone: 406-466-2155
TTD or TTY: 406-466-3976

The Teton County Noxious Weed Management District provides the following:
·Noxious weed management on public and private lands in Teton County
·Provides and distributes bio-control agents
·Provides noxious weed education and identification
·Assists landowner in preparing noxious weed trust grants
·Provides slide-in and trailer sprayers for the county residents to use for noxious weed control.

What is a noxious weed?
Any exotic plant species established or that may be introduced in the state which may render land unfit for agriculture, forestry, livestock, wildlife or other beneficial uses or that may harm native plant communities and that is designated as:
1.A statewide noxious weed by rule of the Department of Agriculture.
2.A district noxious weed by a board, following public notice of intent and a public hearing.
There are 23 statewide noxious weeds and one county addition to the noxious weed list.

What can I do about noxious weeds?
Get involved with your local Weed District. All land owners and managers must get involved for effective weed control within the district. Learn to prevent new invaders from establishing by being able to recognize these noxious weeds and contacting the Weed District Coordinator about new establishments of noxious weeds. Create and implement a noxious weed control plan on your own lands and monitor its effects on a regular basis. There are many tools to use so contact Paul Wick at 466-5709 for more information. We've added an interesting link that can provide more information about noxious weeds.

Important information for "Waste Pesticide Collection".
This is a once every 5 year collection in our District and will have a site in Great Falls this year in June. This is an opportunity to dispose of unusable pesticides at a reasonable cost and without penalty. Applications must be filled out and returned to MDA before May 29th, 2001. Registration forms can be obtained from MDA through the mail, on-line at or at the Teton County Weed District office and County Extension agent.


4th Annual Weed Wacker Rodeo will be held on July 14th in Sun River Canyon. Join us for education, discussion and a fun weed pull.
Bug Collection Day is held in mid July on the Teton River. This event involves the collection and distribution of Leafy Spurge Beetles. Date will be weather dependant.

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