Debra Coverdell, Teton County EMS Director
P.O. Box 610
Choteau, Montana 59422
Work: 406-466-5552
TTD or TTY: 406-466-3976

Other Contacts:
John Burgmaier, Crew Chief, Power - phone 406-463-2522
Dawn Kelly, Crew Chief - Choteau, phone 406-590-0196
Leon Beachy, Crew Chief - Fairfield, phone 406-5903439
Neal Collins, Crew Chief - Pendroy, phone 406-469-2361

Mission Statement
To respond safely and rapidly when called. To provide quality and compassionate care for the sick and injured to the best of our ability without discrimination.

Teton County Emergency Medical Service is a volunteer service. There are ambulances in Choteau, Fairfield and Power. Quick responder teams are scattered thoughout the county as well as in the towns of Dutton and Pendroy. Power has a combination of ambulance and quick responder teams.

Dispatch of the ambulance and quick response units is normally done through the Teton County Sheriff's office with the most frequent souce of information coming from 911 calls. In an emergency, Teton Medical Center can also do the paging.

EMS provides basic life support, including airway management, bleeding control, oxygen therapy, splinting and other related first aid measures as well as defibrillation in cases of cardiac arrest.

The Teton County EMS provides medical care and services such as:
·Ambulance - Dial 911
·First Responder Training
·First Aid Courses
·CPR Classes
·Quick Responses Units

If you find yourself in need of EMS, follow these instructions:
1. Call 911.
2. Give the exact location of the patient. Include building, room number, etc. as appropriate.
3. Tell the dispatcher as calmly as possible what happened and why you need EMS. Make sure to alert the dispatcher if the patient is not breathing, unconscious, or bleeding severely.
4. Give the dispatcher the number from which you are calling, or a number where you can be reached in the event that EMS needs more information while they are en route.
5. ALWAYS let the dispatcher hang up the telephone before you do.